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"J" Jayline Handleless kitchens

Shown here in Supergloss white. The Jayline kitchen range has grown in popularity over the last few years. The discreet handle affords a fantastic sleek, seamless design for that ultimate contemporary look. Available in gloss and matt and affords fingerprint protection.

Jayline Supergloss White.jpg


Jayline Supergloss Graphite Door .jpg

Supergloss Graphite

Jayline Supermatt Graphite Door .jpg

Supermatt Graphite

Jayline Supergloss Dust Grey Door .jpg

Supergloss DustGrey

Jayline Supermatt Dust Grey Door .jpg

Supermatt Dust Grey

Jayline Supergloss White Door .jpg


Jayline Supermatt White Door .jpg


Jayline Supergloss Light Grey Door .jpg

Supergloss Light Grey

Jayline Supermatt Light Grey Door.jpg

Supermatt Light Grey

Jayline Supergloss Cashmere Door .jpg

Supergloss Cashmere

Jayline Supermatt Cashmere Door .jpg

Supermatt Cashmere

Jayline Supergloss Graphite.jpg

Supergloss Graphite style

Supergloss Light Grey style
combined with Supermatt Cashmere

Jayline Supergloss Light Grey  & Jayline Supermatt Dust Grey.jpg
Jayline Supergloss Dust Grey & Jayline Supermatt Cashmere.jpg

Supermatt Cashmere combined with Supergloss Dust Grey

Supermatt Indigo blue
awaiting pictures

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