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Bella Range

Bella kitchen doors have been serving the kitchen industry for over 30 years. They are as popular today as they were then. It is a fabulous range of door styles, in a wide range of colours, so you can get exactly what you want. By offering this unique range a truly bespoke kitchen is easy to achieve, since doors are made to measure. For kitchen makeover Bella doors will fit most older sized cabinets. Complementary cornices, pelmets panels and plinths are also available in matching colours.

Bella Aldridge Matt Denim Kitchen.jpg

Aldridge style door

Aldridge Oakgrain Grey.jpg

Available in all 35 colours and shown here in supermatt grey. Cabinets can also be supplied in a matching colour except gloss.

Ashford style door

Available in all 35 colours and shown here in matt dove grey. Cabinets and accessories can also be supplied in a matching colour, except gloss.

Ashford Matt Dove Grey.jpg

Awaiting Picture

Bella Matt Dove Grey Ashford.jpg
Bella Cambridge Oakgrain Cream Kitchen 2.jpg

Cambridge style door

Cambridge Oakgrain Cream.jpg

Available in all 35 colours and shown here in oakgrain cream. Cabinets can also be supplied in a oakgrain matching colour at extra cost.

Canterbury style door

The Moldau Acacia colour shown here has now been discontinued but there are still 35 other colours available with matching cabinets except gloss.

Canterbury Super White Ash.jpg

awaiting image

Bella Canterbury Moldau Acacia Kitchen.jpg
Bella Carrick Matt Kombu Green.jpg

Carrick style door

Carrick Matt Kombu Green.png

The Carrick is a new addition to the range shown here in glorious matt kombu, available in 35 colours and matching cabinets except gloss.

Bella Elland Matt Indigo Blue and Matt Dust Grey Kitchen.jpg

Elland style door

Elland Matt Indigo Blue.jpg

The Elland is yet another  new addition to the range shown here in in a mix of 2 colours. Matt Indigo Blue and Matt Dust Grey for a contemporary feel.
we recommend cabinets in grey.

Euroline style door

The Euroline style door is ideal for those wanting a contemporary feel with a hint of design and easy to clean. Shown here in popular matt cashmere with cabinets available in matching colour.

Euroline Matt Cashmere.jpg
Bella Euroline Matt Cashmere Kitchen.jpg
Bella Integra Matt Graphite Kitchen.jpg

Integra Style door

Integra Matt Graphite.jpg

Another new addition to the range of integrated handle doors shown here in matt graphite and available with longer width handle if required. matching cabinets are available.

Knebworth Style door

This door affords a sleek, smart design with a discreet handle for ease of operation. Shown here in oakgrain mussel with matching cabinets avaialble 

Knebworth Oakgrain Cashmere.jpg
Bella Knebworth Oakgrain Cashmere Kitchen.jpg
Bella Lazio Halifax Natural Oak and Matt Graphite Kitchen.jpg

Lazio Style door

Lazio Halifax Natural Oak.jpg

A very contemporary range with either black or silver handles. Shown here in Halifax natural oak with matt graphite. Both colours can be matched with cabinets

Lincoln Style door

All gloss colours available

Lincoln High Gloss White.jpg

shown here in gloss white

This door is one of the originals with a chamfered edge all round and can be dressed up or down to whatever finish suits you. With handles or push to open. Cabinets not in gloss finish.

Bella Lincoln High Gloss White Kitchen.jpg
Bella Newport Vanilla Kitchen.jpg

Newport Style door

Newport Vanilla.jpg

A lovely country style kitchen shown here in Vanilla. Not available in gloss but cabinets can be matched. A true classic currently adorning many country houses throughout the UK

Palermo Style door

Palermo has earned its reputation as a classic and looks good in any kitchen with traditional features shown here in oakgrain mussel with oakgrain cabinets as an extra. 

Palermo Oakgrain Mussel.jpg
Bella Palermo  Oakgrain Mussel Kitchen.jpg
Bella Richmond Matt Taupe Kitchen.jpg

Richmond Style door

Richmond Matt Taupe.jpg

Available in all the colours the Richmond is an elegantly designed door that can be as contemporary or as traditional as you like. shown here in matt taupe.

Segretto Style door

Segreto Matt Black.jpg

By popular demand the Segretto door is new to the range with a seamless handle. shown here in stunning matt black. no gloss available. 

Bella Segreto Matt Black Kitchen.jpg
Bella Shaker Oakgrain Cream Kitchen.jpg

Shaker Style door

Who doesn't like a shaker door immortalised by the shaking quakers in 1774. neat and square it is the most popular of all kitchen doors. not gloss

Shaker Oakgrain Cream.jpg

Tullymore Style door

Gives the impression of an in-frame kitchen and shown here in matt mussel and matt graphite. A very popular door in this combination.

Tullymore Matt Mussel.jpg
Bella Tullymore Matt Mussel Matt Graphite Kitchen.jpg
Bella Venice London Concrete Kitchen.jpg

Venice Style door

When this door came off the production line the boss said 'this door reminds me of Venice' so it stuck for over 30 years now. shown here in the new London Concrete colour

Venice London Concrete.jpg

Warwick Style door

Shown here in oakgrain mussel the style looks great in any colour and has stood the test of time. Dress it up or down for contemporary or traditional. Not gloss

Warwick Oakgrain Mussel.jpg
Bella Warwick Oakgrain Mussel Kitchen.jpg
Bella Westbury Ivory Kitchen.jpg

Westbury Style door

Got a nice country cottage then this is the door for you? Elegant and timeless and shown here in classic ivory to enhance the design. not gloss

Westbury Oakgrain Cream.jpg

York Style door

York Super White Ash.jpg

York has all the mouldings to accentuate its style and looks great as a traditional style door in any home. Shown here in Super White Ash and available in gloss.

Bella York Satin White Kitchen.jpg
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