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Welcome to 2022 now January is over

So here we are facing a possible new PM or an election. Prices are on the up (we expected that didn't we?). Energy costs are going up and so are taxes. There's even a chance that we might be dragged into a war. Oh what a wonderful New Year!

So what are you going to do about that new kitchen you've been wanting? Well here's a few pointers -

If your cabinets are in reasonable condition then why not think about a makeover. We can supply and fit new doors, disguise sides of cupboards with end panels and fit new plinths, cornice and pelmets. We can also upgrade your worktop and fit the new, virtually indestructible "Minerva" solid surface worktop in one of the glorious colours.

You may even be attracted to one of the offers on sale from the DIY sheds. They won't be any cheaper than us unless they are going to sell you the cabinets that fall apart after a few months and doors that peel off. Some will even tell you to find your own fitter. What does that tell you? Yes, they just want to sell you a kitchen. They don't want to know after that do they? If there is a problem, they can blame the fitter and the fitter can blame them, leaving you as "piggy in the middle"

At Upgrade your kitchen we will offer you-

Honest advice If anything is not suitable for you, we will tell you Full Survey Once you pay your deposit, the fitter will do a survey and double check the design and foresee any problems.


You only pay a deposit. You won't be asked to pay for everything up front

Care We will make sure that everything is to your liking. You will get a personal service

Guarantees All kitchen cabinets are guaranteed for 25 years. Doors for 6 years and most worktops for 10


Our overheads are low so our prices are fair. We will still be in business when the high street showrooms are gone

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